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Canvas seat covers



Our Canvas Car Seat Covers are available to suit all 3 & 5 door Hatches, 4WD, Buses, Coupes, People Movers, Sedans, Trucks, Vans, Wagons, Utes, Utilities, Aeroplanes, Boats, Cranes, Tractors, etc.
Ideal  for  the  extremely  fastidious   person

     Truck & car dealers would be pleased with the fit and appearance of our seat covers & floor mats, even improving the appearance of some interiors.
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                                                                 For Ordering and Delivery

                                            Fantastic value considering the craftsmanship, style & fit.


What makes our Canvas Seat Covers superior?

  • Our Canvas Seat Covers give the ultimate in satisfaction due mainly to the unique method of manufacture. 
  • Our Canvas Car Seat Covers are lined underneath with a foam backed lining which stops the usual harsh effect of Canvas seat cover rubbing away at your upholstery.
  • Our foam underlay provides a supple soft feel through our Canvas Car Seat Covers to give you (the driver) a very comfortableride, as well providing a body of air between the canvas and seat. This allow the original upholstery to breathe.

The advantages we offer from our Canvas Seat Covers are:

- Water proofed membrane bonded to the Canvas seat cover

- Foam backed lining for comfort- Canvas is lined further with a thick and high quality fabric

- Our Canvas car seat covers are 25% heavier than 12oz

Our entry into the Canvas Car Seat Covers industry was brought about through a special request to make a high quality Canvas Car Seat Covers for a special fleet of trucks being fitted out for work on the Alice Springs to Darwin railway line.

When asked to supply quality Canvas Car Seat Covers for this purpose, I asked "Why not buy from the existing Canvas Car Seat Cover makers". The answer was, "We want someone of your experience to make them knowing your involvement in the development and manufacturing of car seat covers, floor mats and dash mats for most major car and truck manufacturers. We believe we will get the result we require from you".

We did the research that was necessary to come up with the best Canvas car seat covers, suitable for the heavy use it would be put through. The Canvas seat covers needed for this rough tough job was called Rip Tore, a specially reinforced high impact canvas Car seat covers that would stand all sorts of use.

With our extensive background in the mechanical and automotive engineering field, we advertised and employed an excellent tradesman who had been in the CANVAS industry for many years. With his wonderful help and assistance from specially trained people and the heavier machines that were brought in, we were able to handle this type of work, which was quite different from using Sheepskin and different types of fabrics including cotton and velour. With all this in place we then created perfect patterns that would give the same tight and lasting snug fit we have always had in our 50+ years experience making seat covers.

It was that reputation which was our introduction into the Canvas Seat Cover industry. We can now supply any quantity of perfect Canvas Car Seat Covers either tailor fitted or custom made.

When making a choice to purchase good standard Canvas Seat Covers or custom made Canvas Car Seat Covers be sure to buy your Canvas Car Seat Covers from the team at Canterbury Car Seat Covers & Accessories.


We can match any company with price without jeopardising our quality. Testimonials from our many satisfied customers of Canvas Car Seat Covers are available coupled with our guarantee.

1 - "Just wanted to let you know my canvas seat covers arrived today.  Thanks so much for all your help and great service.  It’s been fantastic and really easy all the way."

2 -"They are absolutely awesome!!!  They look fantastic and everyone has commented on how good they look and how well they fit! Many thanks for all you help and patience with me! I will definitely be recommending you to others."

We have 3 shades of Canvas Seat Cover colours to choose from including: 
Black, Charcoal  &  Mid Grey





Front (Pair) High Bucket Seats with Moulded Headrests
(size 25)
Including Construction for Airbag Provision

$299.95 (a pair)

Front (Pair) Low Bucket Seats with Separate Headrests
(size 35)
Including Construction for Airbag Provision
$299.95 (a pair)





Bench or Rear Car Seat Cover (Back & Bottom)
(size 08)
Not Including Headrest Covers ($15 each to make)

$220.00 (2 pieces)

Custom Made (Pair) Front Car Seat Covers (including arm rest covers & headrest covers
Including Construction for Airbag Provision
$385.00 (a pair)
Custom Made Rear Car Seat Covers
(including arm rest cover, side bolster, headrest covers, drink holders, etc)




PLEASE NOTE:"For a Perfect lasting fit, we use a proven durable stretch fabric on the rear of customer made seats.

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