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Car Floor Mats

What makes our Floor Mats & Cargo Boot Mats superior?

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Car Floor Mats & Cargo Boot Mats



For many years our Car Floor Mats & Cargo Boot Mats have proven to be the 'world's best' giving you the ultimate protection using the best materials (i.e. Carpet, Rubber or Carpet/Rubber & Sheepskin). So, why our are Car Floor Mats & Boot Mats superior to others:

Consider making your car safer and better looking by putting our recommended floor mats in your car. 

Over many years we have seen many  types of mats in cars that are quite dangerous due to the fact they do not have strong substantial backing allowing them to creep or fold up under your accelerator , brake or affecting your gear changing by getting under your clutch.

 Our car floor mats do not move & cover most of the floor space


 Protect quality expensive original car floor mats great for re sale

 Trust us for quality. They match our seat cover so well

Ideal for the very fastidious person


Features of Car Floor Mats & Cargo Boot Mats:

- Use a non skid/slip nib backing to prevent the Car Floor Mats & Cargo/Boot Mats from moving whilst maintaining a tight grip.
- Our Car Floor Mats definitely has no odours coming from the mats, as we do not use recycled rubber tyres to produce our mats.
- Our Car floor Mats are Utilise tough and hard wearing materials (i.e. Stain resistant carpet and Durable rubber) to beautify and protect your car's interior.
- Give an overall ultimate protection of the Car Floor Mats & Cargo/Boot Mats from any unwanted water, dirt and stains.
- Our Floor Mats are easy care, easy clean and completely washable.
- Our Floor Mats Suits most vehicles
- Our Floor Mats Prevent erosion and discolouration of the Car Floor Mats & Cargo/Boot interior.
- Greater re-sale value
- Uses total coverage of the Floor Car Mats & Cargo/Boot Car Mats

Car Floor Mats:

Our Car Floor Mats have been designed to suit most vehicles and also gives the customer an opportunity to apply a semi-custom made process whereby our rubber or carpet/rubber car floor mats allow for a trimmable custom fit to better mould to the shape of the vehicle.

Custom Made Car Floor Mats:

Our Custom Made range is produced from a high quality, durable and stain resistant carpet in many styles and colours in order to suit the specifications of any vehicle.

Our quality Custom Made Car Floor Mat range also gives you the opportunity have the Car Floor Mat monogrammed or embossed with any personal or company logos.

Sheepskin 'One-Off' Car Floor Mats:

We were honoured to be asked by a firm called McMillan's, which specialise in the sale of Rolls Royce, Bentley & Aston Martin to make car floor mats to suit a particular vehicle (i.e. Series II Silver Sprite Rolls Royce).

We use the highest quality sheepskin selected from Merino Sheep, along with a colour to best co-ordinate with the interior

In order to stop the skins from crumbling under foot and elimate the slipping of the car floor mats we use a non slip procedure that absolutely prevents movement and keeps the car floor mats in a very stable situation.  

Cargo Boot Mats:

Our Cargo Boot Mats can be supplied to suit most vehicles
and are a durable construction to provide the ultimate protection of vehicle interiors (i.e. dicolouration, water/dirt/stain resistant and act as a shock absorber. The Cargo Boot Mats possess a heavy duty, non-skid backing to minimise any cargo shifting.

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