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Q: Do you have ready made seat covers in your shop?

A: Yes, we have an extensive range of sizes, fabrics and colours for immediate delivery.

Q: Do you make seat covers for all vehicles?

A: Yes, we make seat covers to suit all vehicles. 
Custom made seat covers are avaliable for our customers and their V.I.P. cars.

Q: Do you make provisions for side air bags for vehicles?

A: Yes, as long as we are given the details of the make, model and year of the vehicle.

Q: Do the seat covers come with a guarantee?

A: Yes, the guarantee is that, as long as you own the car and assuming that the seat 
covers are fitted correctly, our guarantee stands.

Q: Do your seat covers, floor mats, dash mats etc, compliment the interior of our car?

A: Yes, we have gone to great lengths to make sure that colours and fabrics blend to the interior of the vehicle, and also compliment the exterior.

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