Car Floor mats

Car Floor Mats

After many decades of selling floormats at Canterbury Seat Covers we are confident that we supply the best modern, durable and well priced floor mats for your car. Floors in cars are the area most likely to be damaged and reduce your cars value.

To save you the expense, we can offer you 5 styles of mats:

    1. Duratech Plain Rubber – Sold as separate Front and Rear (Black or Grey)
    2. Fully Tailored Rubber – see list of vehicles below 
    3. R.M. Williams – Deep Dished Floor Mats
    4. Cargo Boot Mat

$49 Front Duratech Pair

$39 Rear Duratech Pair

$69 Long Rear Single Duratech mat

$79 R.M. Williams Deep Dish Floor Mat Black

$79 R.M. Williams Deep Dish Floor Mat Gray

$89 Cargo Front Boot Mat

Custom Car Floor Mats

$95 Custom floor Mats Black