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Steering Wheel Covers Options

After many years of making quality steering wheel covers of all types. We have now produced the best steering wheel covers to give a positive grip, beautiful appearance and a product to be proud of.

Many things will damage your steering wheel such as jewellery, moisturiser or just general wear and tear over time. Our covers will help reduce driver fatigue, provide a stylish design, give a comfortable hand grip and protect your steering wheel which will result in a much better trade in value if you wish to sell your car in the future. 

We can recommend and offer 2 styles of steering wheel covers:
  • Le Mans – Mordern Designer Look
  • R.M. Williams – Genuine leather

R.M. Williams steering wheel cover

This addition to the R.M. Williams range offers a steering wheel cover made from premium grade leather, great texture to the leather enables safe and secure hand grip whilst reducing driver fatigue.

They are smart with highlight stitching and tastefully printed R.M. Williams logo on the steering wheel cover. Additionally the leather steering wheel cover is generous in the width allowing easy fitment to most steering wheels without slipping. The cover is generous in width and with a fit that fits most steering wheels snugly without slipping.

If by chance they seem difficult to fit, start at the top of the steering wheel and stretch the cover down the wheel

$49.95  R.M Williams Steering Wheel Cover

Le Mans steering wheel cover

Our Le Mans steering wheel covers offer many features, they have raised hand grip section on both sides of the steering wheel to reduce driving fatigue due to a massaging effect.

There is a Carbon-Fiber style inlay to add a sporty look to the wheel cover. Our covers are reversible with one side giving a modern sporty look and the other option giving a classic designer look.

Additionally, the width of the steering wheel cover is wider than most giving a more covered look.

The materials used have a soft comfortable feel and most importantly protecting your steering wheel maintaining your vehicles resale value.

$39.95 Le Mans Steering Wheel Cover

If you are interested in any of the above steering wheel cover options we would be pleased to assist further with your purchase.

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