Neoprene Seat Covers

Neoprene Seat Covers

Neoprene is a relatively new product to our designer custom made seat cover market offering a new and innovative fabric. This new addition to our range caters for a broad range of customers. It is both smooth and soft to sit on as well as being amazingly serviceable.

Being Neoprene it is water and dust repellent, easily wiped clean with a damp cloth and will not “Snag”or “Pill”.

When fitted to your car you will hardly even know you have seat covers fitted. Moulding beautifully to the contours of your seats.

    • Custom made
    • Heavy Duty
    • Excellent Style
    • Duel Tie System
    • Rear Map Pocket

We can fit for you at our Canterbury premises at a nominal cost

Below is a short story about the pioneering and development of Neoprene.

    1. April 1930- chemical history was made with natural rubber being in great demand in the U.S,  rubber prices rose. Chemical companies began looking for a synthetic rubber to satisfy the new demand.
    2. About this time, the DU Pont Company organised a basic chemistry research group led by an extraordinary young chemist, named Wallace Carothers. This group went onto develop another synthetic fabric know as nylon. What they produce formulated during a polymerisation experiment adding chloroprene resulted in Neoprene.
    3. We find that neoprene is ideally suited to seat covers in that the material is not hot when you get into your car even on the hottest days. It not only is waterproof, but the residual water when damp evaporates very quickly. Easily wiped down, it leaves minimal marks from the spills as the material is stain resistant. It’s tear resistant, and will not pill or fray.
    4. Now over 300000 tons of neoprene are made each year worldwide. Neoprene is actually more resistant than natural rubber to water, oils, heat and solvent.

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As you go through each of the Neoprene seat cover options below, you see the individual features and benefits of each products which vary in price.



Aqua Guard is a heavier weight Neoprene material. The backing fabric is heavier and blends in beautifully with the neoprene face fabric. Also this new backing fabric will not ladder, tear or pill.

Additional to the above information you will find our Aqua Guard range of Neoprene is heavier than most on the market. They have the amazing feature of a new fabric that is sewn to the sides and back of the cover that gives your covers an all over neoprene look, complimented by ample storage compartments on the rear of the front seat covers.

As mentioned before, the new backing and side skirt material will never ladder, snag or pill giving you years of protection whilst always looking new in your car. 

There is fabulous range of colours above, something to match everyone’s taste. 

Except for the Black Neoprene with White stitching range, rest of them are custom made. All other colour option fall into our designer custom made category.

    • Custom Made
    • Heavy Duty
    • Excellent Style
    • Dual Tie System
    • Rear Map Pocket
    • Separate Headrest Covers
 Variations & pricing:
  • Black with White stitching
  • Black with Blue stitching
  • Black with Red stitching
  • Black with Purple stitching
  • Black with Pink stitching
  • Grey with Silver stitching
  • Jet Black with Black stitching
  • Aqua with White stitching
  • Pink with White stitching
  • Purple with White stitching


$119 Designer Fronts
$149 Designer Rears
$199 Custom Made Fronts
$199 Custom Made Rear


If you are interested in any of the above Neoprene seat cover options we would be pleased to assist further with your purchase.

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